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Shrimp Cocktail

Ready for action

When using shrimp, I usually buy frozen – it just seems way more convenient.  For this recipe, I splurged and got fresh shrimp and I am glad I did.  Totally different texture and no fishy taste.

One bowl, one sauce

The food processor is a powerful beast.  Anything that requires pulsing, I don’t trust myself with it – I just want to see whatever I put in pulverized to a pulp.  Good thing that’s what I needed to do here – fuck yeah!

Under the bright lights - aka broiler

I like spicy and the horseradish in this was a huge kick.  The amount of sauce made was enough for about 567 shrimp, so there was plenty left over to sit in my fridge until I figured out what to do with it…

that was easy


Rating: Good Eats
Tip: You can broil shrimp - it's easy and quick.

Flame-Broiled Burger

Going on the heat

There were only two kinds of meat, chuck and sirloin, in a 50/50 ratio.  I always expected to use some sort of meat grinder to bring everything together, so when the recipe called for the food processor, I was thoroughly confused.    It was odd spinning around large chunks of meat, but it turned out looking just like “normal” ground meat.

Grill marks for the camera

I put dimples in the middle of the burgers before putting the burgers on, and it really helped them stay flat.  I have done many a burger that turns into a meat sphere – not fun.


Grated cheese made it melt a whole lot faster – that whole surface area thing, I guess.  All in all, a very successful hamburger.


Rating: Going in the regular rotation
Tip: A food processor can stand in for a meat grinder.

Chocolate Mousse

I have never been a chocolate mousse lover, so I begrudgingly looked upon this recipe with mild disdain.  OK, enough big words for one day – that fucking hurt.

Melted and ready

I was out of my element (aka Kitchen) when I made this too, so I literally brought an entire bag of shit with bowls, spatulas, and ingredients to my sister’s house to make this thing.  A very risky undertaking, but fun to test out recipes that I might not like on unsuspecting victims.

This doesn't look like mousse

Whipping your own cream by hand is for suckers.  Like the idiot I am, I didn’t bring a hand mixer.  My sister had one, so disaster averted.  The texture of chocolate mousse all started to make sense once I saw the whipped cream in one bowl and the chocolate sauce in the other.  MAGIC.

All set

It set up in the fridge while we ate dinner.  We all were stuffed, but dove in anyway.  Man, it was good.  And my sister loved it – double bonus points.

Hey, where'd you go?


Rating: Going in the regular rotation
Tip: Read the recipe beforehand and gather all your tools needed to get the job done.

The Chewy

This is one of those staples of almost every household – the chocolate chip cookie.  Everyone’s mom does it the best.  In my case, it was a babysitter that had the recipe on lock – they were awesome.  Big shoes to fill, Mr. Brown.  Here it goes…

Totally not drugs

I sifted until I could sift no more.  And then I had to sift some more.  My forearm fucking cramped up I had to sift so much.  This better be worth it.

Taking pictures and baking at the same time

I had to slowly add the dry to the wet , so I really like the paper plate method that Alton uses.  It folds easily enough to get into that small space between the bowl and the mixer.  I went out and bought the super thin paper plates just for this reason and it was rewarding.

Hey there, good lookin'

Shitballs, these were good.  Hands down best cookies I have ever had.  The perfect amount of chewy and crisp, and that smell and taste that brings you back to your childhood.  Another winner from AB.



Rating: Going in the regular rotation
Tip: Different types of flour make a difference.

Veni Vedi Vinaigrette

A quick salad dressing post to get me back into the swing of things.  Best thing about this was, again, how easy some of the “normal” stuff I eat every week.  The hardest part was chopping the garlic (aka: not hard).

I think this looks right

I put it in an old spaghetti sauce jar I had and just went to town, shaking the shit out of it.


And boom, great salad dressing.  On to the next one.

Super Sweet Salad


Rating: Going in the regular rotation
Tip: Shake the shit out of salad dressing to get a good emulsion.